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Specialized therapy for people with Emotionally Intense Personalities


Sometimes, the gift of a fiery heart and a restless mind can feel like an enormous burden.

And even though tapping into strong feelings and deep thoughts can be a tremendous asset, sometimes it can feel like we live in a world full of other people who just don’t understand.

Almost their entire lives, emotionally intense people are told that they’re “too much”. Too sensitive. Too dramatic. Too ambitious. Too perfectionistic. Too talkative. Too clingy. Too needy.

But inside, there can be a constant struggle with feeling like you’re “never enough”. Emotionally intense people can feel riddled with self-doubt, shame, a sense of failure, imposter syndrome, insecurity, underaccomplishment, loneliness, indecisiveness, and outright overwhelm.

If you’ve found yourself struggling with overwhelming emotions, toxic or roller coaster relationships, existential angst, relentless fears of abandonment, chronic depression, crippling anxiety, or just feeling deeply alone and left out, there is help to find a bright, balanced life and healthy, boundaried relationships.

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Hi, I’m Jared.

I’m a clinical psychologist in Atlanta, and I’m here to help.

While passion, drive, deep critical thinking, and emotional depth are enormous personal strengths, emotional intensity can have a nasty habit of wreaking havoc on your life, your work, your relationships, and your happiness.

In addition to struggling with overwhelming emotions, insecurity, and a ruthless inner critic, you may find yourself at odds with important others, drawn into toxic relationships, or even self-sabotaging.

You may have been diagnosed (or even misdiagnosed) with things like chronic depression or anxiety, Bipolar II Disorder, Adult ADD/ADHD, or Borderline Personality Disorder.

My clients have struggled, sometimes for years, to find knowledgeable, understanding, and experienced help for their emotionally intense personalities. But I want you to know that you are not “too much” and that channeling your emotional intensity into genuine confidence, personal clarity, and healthy connections is possible…

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